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Thank you very much for purchasing our theme! We look forward to provide you a quality customer service, but before that, please take a few moments to read following terms and conditions.

Kindly note that we do our best to answer all tickets with high accuracy everyday but regarding to large amount of support requests please allow 24-48 hours to send your ticket answer.

Before submitting your ticket, please ensure:

  • You have read the documentation, which came bundled with your download. The documentation covers important topics, ranging from the installation of the theme, to its proper usage. You can check it here: Scalia, Codeus, TheGem
  • Your theme version is up to date. 
  • Your plugins are up to date & you've tested to make sure a plugin conflict isn't the reason for your issue.
  • If you still have the issue, submit a ticket with URL of page which has issue. Please open a public ticket, instead of a private one, if your ticket doesn't contain any sensitive information. Doing so will enable others to help you out with your issue, and find the solution to their own issue, in case they are experiencing the same, or a similar problem. Post as much information as you can on your requests: links and screenshots are always welcome! 

Theme support includes:

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its featuresfixing bugs and reported issuesproviding updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions.

Theme support does not include:

  • Customization services, support for third party software and plug-ins. 
  • Although we’ll help you with small modifications, tips and advises but kindly note that you buy a theme as it is on the market. If your desired state is not matching the demo, in case you need any bigger customizations you can request us and we will send you a quote for the corresponding work. 

Once again, thanks for the purchase! Hope you enjoy our work.

Before submitting ticket pls. check this video: