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tootru2breal Demo ContentClosed   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 2 minutes ago   11 Simonvetterli How to create post grid in a correct way   TheGem (WPBakery)   Updated 8 minutes ago   11 devineone unable to hide products   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 12 minutes ago   1 MarceloTech Question Speed Optimization   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 15 hours ago   7 Martina Update of theme   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 19 hours ago   4 tatianabenecke The TheGem's "CONSENTS" theme setting is different from the content you have in your usage description. And it doesn't add the optional consent sections that I need.   TheGem (WPBakery)   Updated 21 hours ago   6 Kaycp Global buttons   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 22 hours ago   8 Kaycp Button Color   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 22 hours ago   4 racquelahlynch Issues with installingClosed   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 1 day ago   3 Rocko_Bar mouse scroll not working   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 2 days ago   6 aledelpu video module from vimeo   TheGem(Elementor)   Updated 2 days ago   4 Andy Coteman Font   TheGem (WPBakery)   Updated 3 days ago   6 adilobilisim üst menü   TheGem (WPBakery)   Updated 4 days ago   3 SannedeBruin88 Lay out changed by updates Activation Problems in TheGem Theme.   Updated 4 days ago   4 johan assistance   TheGem (WPBakery)   Updated 4 days ago   2