TheGem for Elementor released

  • 100% compatibility with Elementor and Elementor Pro
  • with all 400+ pre-built demos
  • 30+ unique TheGem elements (extended, updated, reworked)
  • with pre-made customizable presets & skins
  • with powerful Elementor extensions: fullpage scroller, custom breakpoints, dynamic content and many others
  • better control of responsiveness
  • unlimited customization options
  • detailed documentation

: TheGem for Elementor is included as a separate theme in the main theme package. To get TheGem for Elementor, please proceed as follows:

  1. login to your themeforest account
  2. go to https://themeforest.net/downloads
  3. download the full theme package 

  4. unzip the downloaded zip file
  5. you will find "TheGem_Elementor.zip" file in the unzipped folder. Use this file to install in your WordPress admin

: TheGem for Elementor is a reworked version of TheGem theme, which is lightweight and optimized for Elementor. TheGem for Elementor is NOT compatible with TheGem for WPBakery.  In case you will install TheGem for Elementor on the same installation where you have TheGem for WPBakery, your content created with WPBakery will not be supported. Please use TheGem for Elementor on a new fresh installation.

: TheGem Blocks plugin is not yet included in TheGem for Elementor, but will be released very soon. 

: Here you can find detailed documentation about TheGem for Elementor https://codex-themes.com/thegem/documentation/elementor/

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you recommend to use? WPBakery or Elementor? And why?

We would recommend to use Elementor:

  • Elementor is one of the fastest  frontend page builders with intuitive and easy editing process. It guarantees a pixel perfect design: your page looks exactly the same both in edit mode and live. With Elementor you will build your pages faster, getting instant pixel perfect results.
  • With Elementor and TheGem you have a full control of responsiveness as almost each setting can be easily adjusted for different screen resolutions and devices 
  • Elementor offers you plenty of settings and options to take full control over your page layout. Sections, columns, margins, paddings, spacings, positions etc. - every inch of your page is under your control and can be easily adjusted.
  • Elementor includes many handy features like copy/paste, undo/redo, duplicate, hotkeys which will accelerate your work 

If you prefer fast working frontend page builder with plenty of cool options, we would go with Elementor.

2. Could you compare WPBakery and Elementor? Does Elementor has the same features like WPBakery?

Elementor has the same features as WPBakery and even more (check here https://codex-themes.com/thegem/documentation/elementor/#useful-features )
Both builders are good, however Elementor is an excellent choice for frontend content editing and WPBakery could be a good choice for those, who prefer backend editing. Though WPBakery comes with frontend editor as well, in performance and responsive aspects Elementor is a definite winner offering faster editing and more customization options. 

TheGem Elements
Both Elementor and WPBakery are enriched with the same set of unique TheGem content elements. Visit our demo website codex-themes.com/thegem to check the wide selection of elements coming with TheGem theme.
The Elementor's version of TheGem elements plugin is optimized for Elementor's approach. It means mix of easiness and flexibility. On one hand you have "skins" - pre-made designs and presets for content elements, which you can insert with one click and that's it. On the other hand, all elements have been reworked and extended with much more customization options. You can customize any skin & preset in any imaginable way. And you have definitely better control over responsiveness.

3. Will there be updates and features for WPBakery in future?

Hi, yes, sure. As TheGem theme evolves, both versions (TheGem for WPBakery and TheGem for Elementor) are being updated consequently with the same features.  Both WPBakery team and Elementor team continue to work on their builders. Elementor's team makes tremendous progress in extending their editor.

4. Everything on my page is written with WPBakery so on. Is it possible to switch to Elementor seamlessly?

WPBakery and Elementor are not compatible with each other. WPBakery uses the shortcode principle, Elementor not. So there are no automation tools to migrate. The only way is to make it manually. The question is how much customization did you make? In case you have used our prebuilt demos and only replaced images and text, so you can recreate it in Elementor very fast. If you have made deep design customization, it could take bit more time, but the cool thing in Elementor is its easiness and speed, so it should take less time to migrate your pages in Elementor as you have spent on building it with WPBakery.

5. Do I need to buy Elementor Pro?

No, you don’t. TheGem requires only the free version of Elementor. TheGem comes with TheGem Elements plugins, which enriches the free version of Elementor with many cool features and elements. So you don’t really need to purchase a pro version of Elementor. Read more about TheGem Elements plugin here https://codex-themes.com/thegem/documentation/elementor/#thegem-elements-plugin.

If you still want to use Elementor Pro, you can purchase it separately. TheGem theme is 100% compatible with Elementor Pro. TheGem offers some features that do not exist in Elementor Pro and the opposite is also true meaning that Elementor Pro may have some features that are not available in TheGem.